Saturday, April 28, 2012

Well time for an update.
Building a car can be lots of fun.  Its a up and down road for sure.

So we set off to tune the car.  We swapped the car over from Maf based tuning to Speed Density using Cobbs new software for the AP. This is like magic.  For those that own 2006 WRX's there is not much out there for good ECU's.  My car ran good and made great power.  It was just having some surging issues.  The SD set up has seem to have fixed this.

Since picking the car back up I have not driven it on the street.  I need to get the tags up to date and well its been put on the back burner.  I have started to work on the front fenders.  Spacing these out from the rest of the car to vent all the trapped air caught in the wheel well behind the rear of the front tire.

More on this later.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Today has been about splitters..

 I need a front splitter. If you take a look at the front of my car on the track its higher then the front. That rear wing is working overtime and the bottom defuser. Voltex makes great quality parts.  Problem is that its too good. And its throwing off the balance of my car.

So I started to look into whats going to work.  APR makes a front splitter but it doesnt work with my Zero/sports front bumper.  Now I could trace an outline and send it off to them  But thats $800 to start and at least a few weeks out.

I turned to the internet to see what the world wide web had to offer. There are three types of materials I can use that will hold up.
With each type there are sub types depending on how much money you are willing to throw down. I'm not the richest guy in the world. So I have started looking at Carbon Fiber with a Honeycomb internal core, Plastic which is like that 1.5 inch cutting board type plastic.  Then there is Alumilite which is aluminum. Same stuff street signs are made out of for the most part.

So far have it narrowed down to Carbon or the Plastic. Plastic is the best choice. We have all used this stuff for cutting up this in the kitchen. So I know it will take hits at the track.  Motorcycle racers use the stuff also for knee sliders. So its the most durable.  Carbon, Well it will look trick.  But a few rocks later and its toast.  
The carbon will be good when it comes time to weigh it all. You can't beat the savings when it comes to down force and weight. I guess I should just order up the Carbon and make 2 extras.  But then again.. If you go off the track and destroy a carbon splitter, You more then likely have other problems to sort out.

I'm going to spend the next few days pricing the stuff.  I still have other things to tend to before the 14th anyways.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So this week is about.........

So this week I pulled the front and rear passenger seats. I decided its not going back on the street. So lets sell some parts and free up some cash to finish the front splitter.   I also have to get some sort of heat wrap for the electrical harness and header.   I had the FullRace twinscroll system ceramic coated to 2000*f.  But it seems that it has worn off and I'm getting some high temps under the hood and the radiating heat has started to melt things.

This bring a problem. I have to pull the whole header, up-pipe and down pipe off the car and wrap it. I also need to address some heat damaged wiring.  I'm not sure if the heat has just aged the ceramic coating over the last year or what.  I have never had this problem before in motorcycles.  Not sure what the causes is.

So we are going to be in it for at least the oem header gaskets and some heat wrap.  I love using the DEI stuff. So I need to track that stuff down.  Heat wrap and scavaging?   I'd like to hope that it will help with spool... But to be honest its more about protecting everything under the hood.  If it improves spool on my twinscroll system, well that can be good reason #2

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Track Events, Where do you start?

So were does one start?
Why are you looking to start?

I have been lucky for the most part in my life. I have not been nearly killed a bunch of times.  Is that luck? Maybe some sort of education? Or just plan old street smart?

I am never a lucky guy.  I'm never out with some knock out drop dead blond.. And well my education was not the best of what California had to offer. So this leaves me with some sort of street smarts..  Or the fact I hate pain. I think the fact that I hate pain is the #1 reason I have never played much on the street.  There is so much to go wrong.  And I come from the motorcycle world. Motorcycles its very easy to feel pain.

So over the last few years I have been building my Subaru up to be a nice little street car. More of a 50 pound sledge hammer for a 5 pound problem.
And after a few trying problems I finally draw a line.  Build the car up right or sell it off for parts.
This is where I should have took a few nights to sleep on it. But I didn't I jumped in head 1st. Wallet 2nd.

Tracking my car wasn't even on the radar. It wasn't till after the car was built did I sit and think "what have I done"  By then the damage was done. Bank account zapped...   So with this car a total monster and I wasn't even finished there was no way I could drive this on the street in California.  Not without fear or being impounded and a big ticket!
And that's when it hit me.  I have built myself a track car! I should have come up with more of a plan before building my Subaru. I would have had a lot more fun and saved lots of cash.....
If I didn't have another car to drive around everyday I would be soo screwed!!!