Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So this week is about.........

So this week I pulled the front and rear passenger seats. I decided its not going back on the street. So lets sell some parts and free up some cash to finish the front splitter.   I also have to get some sort of heat wrap for the electrical harness and header.   I had the FullRace twinscroll system ceramic coated to 2000*f.  But it seems that it has worn off and I'm getting some high temps under the hood and the radiating heat has started to melt things.

This bring a problem. I have to pull the whole header, up-pipe and down pipe off the car and wrap it. I also need to address some heat damaged wiring.  I'm not sure if the heat has just aged the ceramic coating over the last year or what.  I have never had this problem before in motorcycles.  Not sure what the causes is.

So we are going to be in it for at least the oem header gaskets and some heat wrap.  I love using the DEI stuff. So I need to track that stuff down.  Heat wrap and scavaging?   I'd like to hope that it will help with spool... But to be honest its more about protecting everything under the hood.  If it improves spool on my twinscroll system, well that can be good reason #2

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